34 mysterious events that the world can’t explain so far!

1. Who lived 256 years?

Li Qingyuan (1677-1933), who enjoyed 256 years of life, was a scholar of traditional Chinese medicine in the late Qing Dynasty and early Republic of China. When he was 100 years old, he was awarded a special prize by the government for his outstanding achievements in Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine. When he was 200 years old, he still went to university to teach. Li Qingyuan married 24 wives in his life, and his grandchildren are full of children. Why can he live to 256? Unsolved so far.

2. The Mummy Mystery

The production of mummy is mixed with some mysterious and superstitious things. As far as the production of “mummy” is concerned, it reflects the achievements of ancient Egyptian medicine. In the process of making “mummy”, the Egyptians accumulated a lot of knowledge about anatomy. A preliminary understanding of the relationship between human blood circulation and heart function, and the important role of the brain on the human body.

3. The death of the legendary island

On the North Atlantic Ocean, about a hundred kilometers from Halifax in eastern Canada, there is a small island called Saibo Island, which is terrifying to the crew. The island is a fine sand, very desolate and scary. There are no tall trees, only some beach grass and short shrubs. It is estimated that no fewer than 500 ships have been killed around the island for thousands of years, with a total of more than 5,000 killed.

4. The Mystery of the Pyramid

There are about 80 pyramids on the west bank of the lower Nile in Egypt. They are the tombs of ancient Egyptian pharaohs (kings). The largest pyramid is the tomb of Pharaoh Khufu, the fourth dynasty. It was built about 4,500 years ago and the tower is 146.5 meters high. It is estimated that supporting such construction projects requires the national strength of 50 million people, and the total population of the world around 3000 BC will not exceed 20 million.

5.Death Highway

On the state highway in Idaho, U.S., 14.5 kilometers from Incheon McMont, there is a horror rollover area that drivers call the Idaho Devil’s Triangle. Once a normal vehicle enters the area, it is suddenly thrown into the air by a mysterious force. Then he fell heavily to the ground, causing a fatal accident in which the car was killed.

7. The Mystery of the Mayan Civilization

The Mayan civilization has always been the biggest mystery in the world. The Mayan civilization is an ancient civilization located in south-central Mexico and Guatemala and other Central and South American regions. It seemed to rise up in the forest overnight. After thousands of years of glory, it disappeared mysteriously. The Maya possessed a high degree of knowledge in agriculture, mathematics and astronomy. There are still Maya descendants who sporadically live throughout the Americas

8. Loch Ness monster

It is one of the most mysterious mysteries on earth. The lake is located in the Grand Canyon of Scotland with an average depth of 200 meters. The lake is not frozen all year round, and rivers at the northern end of the lake communicate with the North Sea. In April 1934, London doctor Wilson took a photo of a monster with a camera, clearly showing the characteristics of the monster: a long neck and a small flat head that look like a snake neck that died out more than 70 million years ago. Long.

9. The Mystery of Mona Lisa’s Smile

Mona Lisa is a portrait of a famous Italian painter, Da Vinci. For 500 years, people have been indifferent to the mysterious smile of “Mona Lisa”. Different viewers may see it differently or at different times. Sometimes she felt that she smiled comfortably and tenderly, sometimes she looked serious, sometimes she was slightly sad, and sometimes she even showed ridicule and scorn. A little fluffy

10. The magic relic

Relic, the spirit bone. Buddhism has always regarded relics as treasures. Then the appearance of the relic of the physical body caused the world’s attention to Buddhism. The reason for concern is that this phenomenon is considered supernatural. In modern medical scientific research, relics undoubtedly belong to human crystals. But how its physical properties should be interpreted, so far, there is no self-explanatory explanation.

11. The mystery of Stonehenge

The famous Stonehenge site, located on the Salisbury Plain, more than 100 kilometers southwest of London, England, is the most famous and mysterious prehistoric site in Europe. Built 4300 years ago, the main body of Stonehenge is composed of huge stone columns arranged into several complete concentric circles. The outer periphery of the stone formation is a circular mound and a trench with a diameter of about 90 meters. Boulders are small at 5 tons and large at 50 tons.

12. The mystery of footprints 200 million years ago

The emergence of humans was something that happened only 2 to 3 million years ago. However, some archaeologists have found human footprints on the fossils 200 million years ago during their research, and they have shoes on their footprints! This surprised everyone. Who left these footprints? Was there a footprint of human activity 200 million years ago? The fossils of these footprints were found in the United States.

13. Ghost Mystery

You must have felt this: something seemed to be moving around; the back was chilling; someone was exhaling at the back, but no one was behind … ever since, there has always been someone who believes that the soul of the dead will be in the place where he died or was buried Wandering. However, under formal and informal research, the “ghost” matter has not been conclusive. Do ghosts really exist?

14. Mysterious Yoga

Yoga is a mysterious religion that originated in ancient India. It has a fairly ancient history in India and it existed as early as 4000 BC. Bardo Barber devoted himself to practicing an ancient “Yoga mentality” after he practiced Indian yoga for 10 years. He can sleep, drink and breathe at any time. He was buried alive 10 meters below the ground for 32 days and still alive.

15. The Mystery of Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal, the largest freshwater lake in the world, is located in the southern Irkutsk region and the Buryat Republic of Siberia, Russia. It has never been understood that the waters of Lake Baikal are not salty at all. Why are there so many “sea creatures”: seals, sharks, conchs, sea fish and lobsters. As people continue to deepen nature, this mystery will eventually be answered

16. The Mermaid Legend

The mermaid legend is cosmopolitan and has a long history. In 1991, scientists discovered the world’s first complete mermaid fossil, confirming that this animal, which only appeared in fairy tales, did exist in the world. Fossils were found off the coast of Yugoslavia. It can be clearly seen that this animal has sharp teeth and strong jaws, which are enough to tear meat and bones and kill prey.

17. Shroud Mystery

In Turin, Italy, a treasure of the town and city has been preserved in John’s Cathedral since the 16th century. It has been worshipped by Christians for generations and is known as a Christian relic. cloth”. The shroud is 4.35 meters long and 1.09 meters wide, with a blood image of the man who was whipped and crucified. Is it really a relic of the crucifixion? The so-called spontaneous combustion of the human body means that a person’s body does not come into contact with the external fire and burns on its own. This incredible phenomenon was first seen in medical reports in the 17th century. By the 20th century, more than 200 incidents occurred. Although many experts have provided a lot of evidence, at present there is no reasonable physiological evidence to prove why the human body spontaneously ignites or even turns to ashes.

18. magic tornado

The tornado is peculiar in appearance. It is a dark or dense cumulonimbus cloud in the upper part, and a funnel-shaped cloud pillar hanging like an elephant nose in the lower part. Tornado wind speed is generally 50 meters to 100 meters per second, sometimes up to 300 meters per second, exceeding the speed of sound. Globally, thousands of tornadoes occur every year, killing tens of thousands of people, and more than half of them occur in the United States. Many of the mysteries of the tornado have not been revealed.

19. Mystery of the Vampire

Vampires, a night demon that follows human history like shadows, some say they only exist in fairy tale books. Some people point out that there are indeed vampire families in their lives. They are bloodthirsty, have no heartbeat, pulse, and no breathing and temperature. However, they are immortal and possess special functions that ordinary people do not have. So is the vampire groundless, or does it have a prototype?

20. Mystery of Dinosaur Extinction

Dinosaur is the most amazing animal in the universe. There are many unsolved mysteries in it. The most important one is how the dinosaurs became extinct. The fascination of dinosaurs has perplexed mankind for many years, such as the theory of geomagnetic inversion, acid rain, climate change, gender imbalance, ocean contraction, and volcanic eruption. The true truth of the mystery of dinosaur extinction will always be a mystery that people cannot solve.

21. The mystery of the destruction of Pompeii

Pompeii is a historic city on the Italian peninsula, only 10 kilometers from Mount Vesuvius. In the 7th century BC, it was already a densely populated town with a large number of business travelers. In early AD, the famous geographer Strabo judged this to be an extinct volcano. The Pompeii were convinced, and Mount Vesuvius suddenly erupted in 79 AD. Pompeii was robbed of the city and all the residents were killed.

22. Babylon Sky Garden

In the ancient Babylonian kingdom, there was a beautiful “hanging garden”. It is located 90 kilometers south of Baghdad, the capital of Iraq, and was built more than 2350 BC, and it is no longer there. The Hanging Garden is said to adopt a three-dimensional gardening technique, placing the garden on a four-story platform supported by 25-meter-high columns. And with an irrigation system, it looks like a garden hanging in the air from a distance.

23. The mystery of the sea wall

In the spring of 1968, two American writers discovered some huge stones in the ocean floor on the north shore of Beamry. Each of these stones is about 6 meters long, 3 meters wide, and 0.6 meters high. According to archaeologists, they have been sleeping in the water for at least 10,000 years. If they are walls, it means that there was once a highly civilized city on the island. How could the fence sink to the bottom of the ocean?

24. The Mystery of the Antarctic Frozen Lake

The annual average temperature of the Antarctic continent is only -25 ° C. It is called the “cold pole of the world.” On this cold ice and snow, there are still frozen lakes. Japanese scholars found after analyzing the measurement data. The water temperature under the thin ice layer on the surface of the lake is about 0 ° C. At a depth of 16 meters, the water temperature rises to 7.7 ° C. At the bottom of the lake, the water temperature is as high as 25 ° C, which is almost the same as the water temperature of the East China Sea in summer.

25.The Mystery of the Australian God Stone

On the vast expanse of wasteland in Australia, there is a boulder lying, the circumference of the base is about 9 kilometers, and the grass is not long. This god stone is called Uluru-Kata Tjuta. Under the reflection of the setting sun, it changed from the original crimson, to crimson, then to orange-yellow, then purple, then gray, and finally black. Hundreds of years of indigenous souls, all in it! When you come to Australia, don’t miss it.

26. The Mystery of Solomon’s Treasure

Around 1000 BC, David captured Jerusalem and established a unified Jewish kingdom. David’s son, Solomon, was extremely wealthy. He collected 150 kilograms of gold from various affiliates every year. The gold and silver treasures he searched were stored in the Jewish temple. This is the “Solomon treasure” handed down from generation to generation. For thousands of years, many people have wanted to find the “Solomon Treasure”, but still no results.

27. The mystery of the wasteland giant painting

The largest painting in the world is on the Nazca Plateau in Peru. A bird’s eye view from a plane at a height of 1,000 meters will find that in this desolate land, many huge animal patterns and geometric figures were actually “painted”. Only at a height of thousands of meters can it be possible to see the true face of these giant paintings. Did the ancient Indians already have a flying machine? Will they be descendants of the aliens?

28. Horrifying cannibal plants

On the island of Java in Indonesia, a man-eating tree called “Mopard” is grown, which consists of many soft branches. Once someone or the beast accidentally touched one of the branches, the tree was alerted, and the person or beast was held tightly. At the same time, the sticks will flow out of a gelatinous liquid that digests humans or beasts. Then reopened the branches and waited for the next opportunity.

29. 1993 Hong Kong Advertising Incident

Advertisement on the Guangzhou-Kowloon Railway in 1993 It’s probably the most people seeing ghosts ~~ Haunted incident of Guangjiu Railway advertisement: The director watched the TV replay old movie late at night, and found the following weird picture appeared in the advertisement: 7 children played train games shoulder-to-shoulder, with one more person in the middle …

30. Venus Ancient City Ruins

An unmanned spacecraft from the former Soviet Union took an amazing set of photos there showing that about 20,000 cities were once built on the planet. These cities are scattered on the surface of Venus, but they are all collapsed. According to analysis, this is some urban relics. The environment on the surface of Venus is very bad, the temperature is above 500C, the wind blows, and it often rains with sulfuric acid, which is enough to destroy buildings and living things.

31. The Secret of Parrot “Learning Tongue”

Parrot tongue is well known, and it is generally believed that parrots can only say simple words that are trained, which is a kind of mechanical imitation. In fact, parrots are not purely rigid. Parrots do not have developed brains to think. But it can say something that hasn’t been taught, does it really understand the meaning of what it says?

32. Aliens hide in the earth

In 1987, scientists inadvertently broke into an ancient tribe isolated in Zaire, and found that the people in the tribe did not look like ordinary people. After spending some time together, they were surprised to learn that these people knew a lot about the solar system. According to the tribe people, more than 170 years ago, a Mars spacecraft came here to take refuge, living with the indigenous people.

33. Sleepwalking Mystery

There are various ways of sleepwalking. How is sleepwalking formed? Studies have shown that sleepwalking is primarily the result of human cortical activity. During sleep, cells in the cerebral cortex are in a state of inhibition. If one or more groups of nerve cells that control movement are still excited, sleepwalking will occur. It is strange that people who sleepwalk at night will not remember what they did last night during the day.

34. Where does the seawater come from

The endless ocean, the blue waves rolling, make people fascinated and confused: Where does so much seawater come from? Some people believe that water is inherent to the earth; others believe that water on the earth is brought about by comets that hit the earth. At present, the opinions of scientists are still stalemate. Where the seawater comes from remains to be verified.

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