China Bermuda Triangle refers to Jiangxi Poyang Lake!

hina Bermuda Triangle

Introduction: “After diving into the bottom of the lake, my friends and I almost searched the waters of more than ten kilometers around the bottom of the water. The strange thing is that there is no trace of ‘Kobe 5 pills’. Where did the giants go? We continue along the bottom of the lake. Searching in the west. At this moment, I suddenly felt that my eyes were bright. Through the waterproof mirror, I found that a dazzling white light flashed in front of me and shot at me quickly. There was a sudden vibration at the bottom of the calm lake. A sharp and screaming whistling sound came from me, and a powerful force sucked me. I couldn’t get away with it, I just felt dizzy, my mind was getting numb, and my body was helpless and fainted with suction. Suddenly I The waist was hit hard by something. I subconsciously grabbed it with my hand. It turned out to be a big box. The intense pain made my mind wake up, I hugged it with both hands, and suction. I contend. I saw that white light was swimming at the bottom of the lake, and several partners followed, and the whereabouts were unknown.”—-Edward Peel, UN Environment, September 8, 1978

[Look at China Reporter Yue Qun Co-reported] China’s largest freshwater lake Poyang Lake has been identified as a national pilot survey on cultural relics underwater. Jiangxi Province will use the dry season of Poyang Lake in November to conduct a large-scale underwater special scientific investigation of the Poyang Lake area for the first time. The waters of the “Bermuda” Laoye Temple, which is known as the death zone and the corner of the devil, became the focus of this expedition. The waters of Laoye Temple are located in Duchang County, Jiangxi Province, at the northern end of Poyang Lake. It is the throat of Poyang Lake flowing into the Yangtze River. The local folk song said: “Duchang is north to the narrow beach, and the husband is looking forward to the lake. The old temple is more dangerous and safe. It’s so hard.” It was called “Bermuda” by many people because of the bizarre shipwreck.

Regarding the dangerous reasons in the waters of Laoye Temple, there have been some experts in the meteorological and geochemical fields who have made some explorations from the aspects of wind power and aerial surveying underwater structures. Fan Changsheng, director of the Jiangxi Provincial Institute of Archaeology, said that the underwater archaeology will also Organize the science and technology departments and archaeologists to observe, detect and study the hydrology, meteorology, geography and geology of this water area for a long time, hoping to solve this mystery. Is there a large number of shipwrecks and artifacts in the legend? What caused the repeated shipwreck accidents here? Fan Changsheng said that for the underwater archaeology, the “double evidence method”, which combines literature search and field visits, and confirms each other, is adopted to ensure that the effective information clues are searched and then launched.
Shocking the international “Kobe Five Pills” incident

Poyang Lake, known as Pengze, is located on the south bank of the Yangtze River, north of Jiangxi Province, adjacent to 30 degrees north latitude, with an area of ​​3,583 square kilometers. It is the largest freshwater lake in China. However, Poyang Lake is famous not because it is rich in freshwater fish, but in the waters of the old temple. The Laoye Temple waters are located in Duchang County, Jiangxi Province, in the Poyang Lake District, from Songmen Mountain in the south to Xingzi County in the north, with a total length of 24 kilometers. In a temple on the east bank of the lake, called the old temple, the waters got its name. A shipwreck accident occurred during the Northern Song Dynasty. Huang Tingjian of the Northern Song Dynasty almost lost his life while swimming in Poyang Lake. After the fight, he survived with two boat workers, and the other seven people sank into the water. There have been more than a thousand shipwreck accidents since modern times. The most striking thing is the 1945 “Kobe Five Pills” shipwreck.
On April 16, 1945, at the end of the Anti-Japanese War, this day was beautiful. A 2,000-ton Japanese “Kobe Five Maru” transport vessel is filled with a large number of antique calligraphy and paintings, gold and silver jewels worth $1 billion from all over China. It is anchored from the lakeside of Poyang Lake near Nanchang, ready to cross. Lake District, north of the Yangtze River back to Japan. When the ship sailed 2 kilometers west of the Laoye Temple, in the absence of any signs, suddenly encountered a violent storm, a thick black fog will cover the hull tightly, and soon the clouds will dissipate, calm and calm “Kobe Five Pills” together with 200 crew members disappeared.

After the news came out, the Japanese army stationed in Jiujiang was shocked and sent an excellent diving team to search for the incident. However, the unexpected thing happened again. The lake is not deep, only 30 meters. Captain Yamashita, who was carrying the seven divers after a long time, did not see a trace of movement. It wasn’t until the darkness that he saw that Zhao Zhaoda was up. He was pale and looked dull. No matter what people asked him, he didn’t say a word. People found him in disorder. At that time, China’s “Republic of China Daily” and the US “San Francisco Tribune” reported this matter in detail. In the end, what happened to him, why he was mentally disordered, and this became a fascination forever.

China’s 30-degree Devil’s Triangle at Latitude

After the end of the Anti-Japanese War, the Kuomintang government specially invited a diving team headed by Dr. Edward Peel, a famous American diving salvage expert. Salvage began in the summer of 1946, costing tens of thousands of hours and hours, but not only did not find “Kobe Five Pills”, and several members of the diving team were unfortunately missing. What is even more strange is that all survivors are ignorant of the salvage process, and the truth is unknown. Forty years later, Edward Peel published a reminiscence article in the UN Environment Report, revealing the wonderland he experienced at the bottom of Poyang Lake. The experience of escape from the dead makes Edward Peel unforgettable. The Poyang Lake in his eyes is “the devil’s triangle”. The lake is quiet and beautiful. The lake is magical and terrifying. It is the most dangerous, scary and most shocking lake of death encountered in his life.”
Edward Peel The recollection article also highlighted: “Afterwards, after many tests, I realized that the ‘Devil Triangle’ is in a dangerous area 30 degrees north latitude. This is a number that makes world explorers feel terrible.” The ghost of Bermuda is seen as The nemesis of the voyagers. Some people who feared ghosts and grandmothers were shocked when they mentioned the triangle of the Bermuda Sea. Poyang Lake is located at 28°22′ to 29°45′ north latitude, close to the 30 degree north latitude line, and near the 30 degree line of the north latitude of the earth, it runs through many unsolved mysteries of the famous natural and civilized world. Such as the ancient Egyptian pyramids, the mysterious “Vulcan fire” murals in the Sahara desert of North Africa, the terrifying “Bermuda Triangle” and the amazing ancient Mayan civilization sites; the latitude 30 degree line is also often an airplane The “death vortex zone” of the shipwreck. 30 degrees north latitude, it is so weird, strange, so confusing…

mysterious old temple

According to folk legends and numerous historical materials, the Laoye Temple has a history of more than a thousand years. Before the Ming Dynasty, there was the existence of the Dragon King Temple and the generals. Dafan Temple is built in the middle of the mountain, so there is a famous mountain name, but the old temple is occupied by the slope, according to the water, and built on the lake, four unobstructed, facing a thousand miles of smoke. The temple body faces south and covers an area of ​​more than 1,000 square meters. There is a tall four-column stone archway in front of the temple. The temple is built along the granite stone steps of more than 30 levels. The main temple is nine meters high. The front hall is dedicated to the statue of the general, and the apse is dedicated. Dawangye, Erwangye, and the Three Kings statues, there are Longwangdian, Tongrentang, Guanyin Temple, and the large and small guest halls on the east side, as well as Zhu Yuanzhang’s “plugged sword pool” and handwritten book “Shui Shou Tian”, and the west side has Zhu Yuanzhang “point to Taiwan” . For the Taoist Dojo, the surrounding environment is very mysterious.
The wonderful design of the old temple is a mystery. It is located on the bank of the lakeside, 5,000 miles southeast of the Luoxing Mountain in Duchang County. It is triangular in shape and looks like a beacon lighthouse. Backed by the green hills, facing the lake, the passing ships are within 10 kilometers of the square, regardless of the angle, always facing the old temple. Accurate measurements in recent years show that the Laoye Temple is being built in the middle of the east-west line of the Luoxing Mountain. The three triangles of the triangular temple are equal to the plane taper, and there is no difference. This is the formation of a strong stereoscopic vision, so which angle to face it face to face, 600 years ago, the ancient architecture has such a superb design.

The most terrible place in the waters of Laoye Temple

According to the old people who have decades of experience in shipping, the most terrible thing about the waters of the Laoye Temple is that the storms here are coming in the blink of an eye. The winds and waves are short-lived, and they are filled with thick black mist. The turbid stream swallowed the boat to the calmness of the lake, only a few minutes; when the wild waves came, accompanied by the wind and rain, the whistling and the cracking of the hull, the surrounding black and heavy, it is difficult to distinguish the five fingers, but after a few minutes, the lake immediately Restoration of calm, just like nothing happened; the shipwreck accident is that without any warning, the people on board are almost unprepared, and the sudden waves of waves cause the ship to collapse. The “Devil’s Waters” has no warning signs, so the bosses of the Poyang Lake boat who walked through this way have always been fearful and tremble. Whenever the ship is here, they stand at the bow of the ship and face the old temple to burn incense and worship, and want to pray for peace. But let them pray, and they can’t escape the shadows swallowed by the lake, and the horrible ship’s story of people’s deaths is often performed…
Zhang Xiaojin, 51, has been fishing for 20 years in the waters of Laoye Temple. He is as deep-spoken as all the ship’s bosses in the vicinity. No matter how far the fishing boat is, always be wary of every subtle change in the lake. “The storm will attack at any time.” “I clearly remember that in the winter of 2001, the original normal lake suddenly changed into a sky, the wind blew up, the waves on the lake were fierce, and the ship hurried to the shore. Closer, there was a ship in Anhui Province filled with sand, and the ship’s head quickly sank, and then the whole ship sank.” Wang Fangren, who has nearly 50 years of experience in sand shipping, is still confused. “General storm It can be seen before coming. The strange thing is that the storm here comes in the blink of an eye, and the storm process is mostly only ten minutes. After that, it will return to calm immediately, just like nothing happens.”
Han Lixian, a resident of Duchang County, said: Duchang County In the second half of 1977, the county raised the efforts of hundreds of thousands of people in the county to build three dams, one of which connected the “under dam” of Songgu Mountain, just in the vicinity of the waters of the Laoye Temple, but one night was 600 meters long. The dam, 50 meters wide and 4 to 5 meters above the surface of the water, suddenly sank into the bottom of the water.

Turning over the shipwreck record, from the early 1960s to the late 1980s, more than 200 ships sank in this waters, more than 1,600 people were missing, and no fewer than 30 survivors were scared. The data of the Dudu County Ship Supervisor Station in Jiangxi Province confirmed that in the early 1960s, a fishing boat from Songmen Mountain went north to the Laoye Temple. The boat was not far away, that is, it suddenly fell into the lake under the eyes of many pedestrians on the shore. On March 15, 1985, a 25-tonne vessel named No. 41838 was sunk 3 km south of the Laoye Temple at 6 am; August 3, 1985 was the most Dark days”: Two ships carrying 20 tons of water in Jinxian County, Jiangxi Province, sank in the waters near the Laoye Temple. On the same day, as many as 12 ships suffered the same fate; on September 1, 1985, a motor boat from Anhui carrying bamboo and wood suddenly fell in the waters near the north of the Laoye Temple; March 15, 1986 On the day, a motor boat numbered “Fengji 29356” and carrying a load of 20 tons in Xiaogang Township, Fengcheng County, Jiangxi Province, suddenly sank during the normal navigation in the waters of Laoye Temple; in 1987, according to the statistics of the relevant departments, in the Laoye Temple There were more than 20 ships of various types in the area. In 1988, according to the head of the Duchang County Air Traffic Control Station, dozens of ships sank here. At about 16:00 on May 25, 2005, when a sand transport ship in Bengbu City, Anhui Province was sanding in the waters of Laoye Temple in Poyang Lake, Jiangxi Province, the hull suddenly inexplicably sag and sink, and one owner and one crew escaped. Three people died.

According to records, the waters of the Laoye Temple have never been thousands of ships, and it is reasonable to say that the waters should be covered. In 1990, the Jiangxi Provincial Government organized an expedition team including multidisciplinary experts and excellent divers to the waters of the Laoye Temple. The result was very surprising, because there were no shipwrecks in the waters of the Laoye Temple for a few dozen years. The ships that had sunk in this place for thousands of years were missing! Where have these ships gone? The results of the study not only did not have new breakthroughs, but also added new mysteries.

The diver is finally unpredictable

The strange phenomenon of Poyang Lake has attracted the attention of relevant parties. In 1990, the Jiangxi Provincial Government organized an expert expedition to visit the Poyang Lake waters. The Chinese Navy also sent several excellent divers to assist. However, when they sneaked into the waters, they found that there were no shipwrecks in the area for dozens of miles. The ships that had sunk in this place for thousands of years were missing.
The navy lieutenant of the navy, who was led by the team, was unwilling to take the water and sampled with the assistant Xiao Wang. Who knows that after 3 hours, Shen Hai did not return, Xiao Wang slammed the gun, all the divers searched in the water, and finally did not see the trace of the sea. Until the afternoon of the next day, local farmers discovered the body of Shenhai at the Changba Mountain Lake, 15 kilometers behind the Laoye Temple. The strange thing is that Changba Mountain Lake is not only 12 meters higher than Poyang Lake, but also does not communicate with Poyang Lake. How can Shen Hai’s body appear here? People are puzzled. The bizarre phenomenon in this waters seems to have a mystery that violates the mysterious power of the laws of physics, and remains to be solved.

The wind in the waters of Laoye Temple

At 6 o’clock on August 3, 1985, there was a water tornado in the local area. A sailboat was rolled up more than 10 meters high and fell into pieces. Some time ago, mainland media reporters personally experienced the waters of the Laoye Temple and found a strange phenomenon. Standing in the Laoye Temple Square, the wind blows from the south to the north, but overlooking the waters of the Laoye Temple, the waves are from north to south, and the waves are moving against the wind. There are two relatively blowing winds here. Looking at the waters of the waters of the Laoye Temple, there are also strange things. The waves here are not like other places. They are driven by the wind and flow forward in a line. They are inverted V-shaped and move forward in the form of small waves. It is no wonder that this place will become a dangerous place. This strange wind and strange waves make it difficult for the boat to distinguish between north and south. However, the strange wind is not the main reason for the danger and mystery of the waters of the old temple. The Golden Temple of the Laoye Temple introduced the matter: On March 5 this year, the wind was beautiful, but a 1,000-ton transport ship was here. No wind and no waves, why would you overturn? No one can give an answer.

Lake monsters show up?

The locals said that since the summer of 1970, people have discovered that there is a magical monster in the lake. Moreover, witnesses have different opinions. Some say that “lake monsters” are like “big brooms” that are dozens of feet long. Some say “a white dragon”, and some say like an open big parachute. Eyes, also flashing “Golden Light.” Not only that, once the “Lake Monster” appears, the sky above the Poyang Lake must be accompanied by wind and rain, and the sound of the whistle is deafening, and the Poyang Lake is like a river. In the dark night, a huge fluorescent circle will flash on the surface of the lake, and strange sounds will appear in the wells of the nearby people…

One party recalled: “In 1973 (that was during the Cultural Revolution), our troupe went to the Laoye Temple to express condolences to the sand scouring workers. At 3 pm, I and several group members were going to swim, just about to enter the water, and several laundry women advised by the lakeside. We can’t swim here, there are lake monsters in the lake, I don’t know how many people drowned, and even the body can’t find it. I look at the sky without clouds, the lake is quiet and clear, the blue waves are rippling, and I am daring to swim high and jump. I went swimming in the lake. When I swam to the shore for more than 30 meters, I always felt that something was pulling me under the lake, and the body couldn’t help but spin down. I know this is a whirlpool. I am trying my best. I rushed past the spinning place and began to swim back. At this time, the cloudless Lake Poyang suddenly became a wind, and the lake was just a few meters high. The people on the shore shouted: “Come back, the lake monster is coming…”. “I calmly body strength to swim back finally, I stood looking at the roaring Lake lake, a nameless fear and confusion all overgrown, hearts can not help but wonder:” Is it really monster “?
Shore a few The laundry woman came around and looked at me and said, “Thanks to us, we prayed to the gods and gods, and the old man saved you.” I smiled and thanked them with kindness. The next day I was curious and came to the temple. I want to see what the “master” who saved me is. When I came to the old man’s spiritual position, I saw a red cloth covering the spirit seat, and the god statue could not be seen. This reminds me of the old temple when it was broken. The statue in the middle was dragged by the Red Guards to the county seat and burned in the People’s Square. There are many offerings before the Lingshu. I guess these are secretly offered by the believers of the gods and gods. I wonder if there is a god, I think of the danger in the lake yesterday, I am going to make it three or seven, and worshiping him. Why is it that I haven’t even known what I am now? thanks to hastily leave. “

mid-seventies, it has been in Yang western Lake at dusk, light witnessed a disk-like swimming in the sky, up to eight or nine minutes long. The local authorities reported this situation to the relevant departments at the higher level, and the relevant departments did not give a clear explanation. Some people speculated that it was because the ” flying saucer ” came to the waters of the old temple and moved like a ghost at the bottom of the lake, causing the ship to continue.
In the early 1980s, the Duchang County-type sand factory next to the Laoye Temple built a pool on the hill behind the temple. Every day, hundreds of crows flew from the lake and screamed, and the old temple was covered with elephants. A cloud of clouds is rolling, strange and scary. One summer day in the early 1990s, the sunny day, suddenly the lake was roaring, the clouds rolling, the factory area next to the temple was dark, and the people working in the workshop had to turn off the electric brakes and stop working.

The legend of the

local fishermen said that the local surnamed Wu surnamed fishermen said that his ancestors had made a living for a long time. He has been worried about leaving the boat every day, but the waters of the Laoye Temple are the only passage to the Yangtze River from Poyang Lake. He has to smash this ghost gate.” In the past, the strange phenomenon of the shipwreck originated from a bizarre legend. It was said that when Ming Taizu Zhu Yuanzhang and Chen Youliang fought against Poyang Lake, Zhu Yuanzhang lost the lake, the lake blocked the way, the lake broke the boat, and there was no rudder. Suddenly, a giant python swims to the rudder and rescues Zhu Yuanzhang to cross the lake. After Zhu Yuanzhang won the world, he did not forget the old grace, and Feng Jue was the “General Yuan”, and built the “Dingjiangwang Temple” by the lake. For the “Laoyou Temple”. Entering the temple gate, a giant squatting ground, four-toed stretch, carrying a huge stone monument of Zhang Yugao, three feet wide and one foot thick, above the Zhu Yuanzhang pen writing “General Feng Yingying Yuan General” 7 gold, brilliant. Throughout the ages, folklore is the only sea turtle extremely heavy fine Xingyaozuoguai.
For this reason, ships passing through here, boatmen have come ashore incense burning paper, pay homage to kill livestock. there is a shrine ago Shi Yan, head-to-head, specializes in the blood of chicken, duck, pig and sheep that were cut by the head of the skull. People begged the blessing of the generals. They wanted to be under the protection of the god prince, and the people in this area took the fish. The tortoises and other aquariums tribute to the waters. The waters of the Laoye Temple are more than 100 square kilometers invisible and become the natural protection zone for the animals in the lake. The sailboats go to the waters of the Laoye Temple, and the sounds of the firecrackers are fired. The sound is the signal, the chicken and duck When the supplies are thrown into the water, the animals in the lake come to compete for food.

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