Lop Nur is no longer a place of death? With a lot of water now, mysterious events will become history

The earth has existed for 4.6 billion years. During this period of time being notified by humans, humans have not understood enough about the development of nature. In many places on the planet, there are many mysterious places that have not been involved. , Such as the Bermuda Triangle, Death Valley in the United States, Lop Nur, Earth’s Ear, and so on. Lop Nur is located in the southeast of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in China. Because it looks like a human ear, it is known as the ear of the earth, and because it reveals a horrifying atmosphere, countless people have lost their lives here, so it is also called the sea of ​​death. There are too many legends about Lop Nur for hundreds of years. Many people want to unlock the secrets, but in the face of death, people can only choose to flinch. But it is said that Lop Nur is no longer a death zone, and now it begins to have a lot of water, and mysterious events will become history.

Lop Nur is no longer a place of death? A lot of water

In fact, more than 2300 years ago, Lop Nur was not a desolate and horrible scene today. It was said that Lop Nur had a desert oasis and a lot of fresh water resources. People live and work here. The famous Loulan ancient country was born near Lop Nur. When the ancient Silk Road in China began, it also had excellent trade with the ancient Loulan country, but with the development of time, the ancient Loulan country suddenly disappeared into the long river of history, and Lop Nur began to gradually become desolate, becoming a desert death. No one dared to touch this no-man’s land. It was not until 2000 that things took a turn for the better.

At that time, a lot of natural brines were found underground in Lop Nur. These waters are rich in potassium salts. Therefore, these waters cannot be directly consumed. If people process these waters, they can be used as table salt in daily life. Later, some companies discovered these business opportunities. They came to Lop Nur to build a factory, and constantly dig up the brine for processing and then sell. With the deepening of the excavation, these natural brines gradually poured from the ground and formed the shape of a lake. The riverbed of Lop Nur, which had been desolate for a long time, was covered by water again. Only thousands of years ago, this water was fresh water that could nourish people, but this time it was salt water.

Destiny is the same: Lop Nur and the Dead Sea

The white horse has crossed the gap, and now a huge lagoon has been formed in the riverbed of Lop Nur, with an area of ​​even 10,000 square kilometers. Because of the appearance of these brines, many people gathered around Lop Nur. Slowly stopped and started to form a small town, and now it has become very prosperous. And because of this lagoon, Lop Nur has gradually become a very famous tourist spot in our country. Every holiday, the tourists who come to visit can be said to be endless. Like the Lop Nur Lagoon, the Dead Sea is famous for its high salinity.

The Dead Sea is located at the junction of Israel and Palestine, the lowest place in the world. It is said that the Dead Sea has 8.6 times more salt than ordinary seawater, making it the third body of water on earth. Because the salinity is too high, few plants around it can survive, so people call it the Dead Sea. Although Lop Nur and the Dead Sea have the same meaning, the history of development and the environment of production are completely different, and the treatment they have suffered is also very different.

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