More than 15,000 fossils of late Cretaceous dinosaurs unearthed in Zhucheng, Shandong

Dinosaur badger. The dinosaur fossils unearthed here shocked and inspired the world, especially paleontologists. The reporter recently made a special trip to visit.

Entering the large and closed Kugou dinosaur fossil promenade greenhouse, the reporter presented a shocking scene: on a slope of 500 meters long, 26 meters deep and 45 degrees, the vertebrae, coccyx, humerus, ribs … The remains of all kinds of giant dinosaurs are densely inlaid in taupe rocks. Each fossil has a small card attached to it to indicate which part of the dinosaur the fossil belongs to. The reporter of the largest group of dinosaur fossils interviewed Cui Sanitary, the deputy director of Zhucheng Tourism Bureau who participated in the excavation work. He told reporters that there are extremely rich dinosaur fossil resources in Zhucheng. It was named “China’s Dragon City” by the Ministry of Land and Resources. Two large-scale excavations were carried out in 1964 and 1988. The successful excavation and

installation have global impact. “Giant Shandong Dragon”, “Huge Zhucheng Dragon” and other duck-billed dragon fossil skeletons. Since January 2008, the third large-scale excavation has been carried out here, and unprecedented great results have been achieved. Up to now, three large-scale dinosaur fossil burial sites have been discovered, including the Kugou dinosaur fossil promenade, the dinosaur salamander fossil uplift zone, and the Zangjiazhuang fossil stacking area. More than 15,000 dinosaur fossils have been found. The dinosaur salamander fossil exposed area is 23,000 square meters, and it is a fossil cluster composed of multiple fossil dense areas. The Kugou Dinosaur Fossil Promenade is the largest dinosaur fossil group that has been discovered in the world. There are two sites not far away. The first is the dinosaur fossil uplift zone, which is 300 meters long and more than 20 meters wide. More than 3000 pieces. Second, there are more than 3,000 dinosaur fossils in the Zangjiazhuang fossil stack. According to expert studies, these dinosaur fossil groups were formed about 70 million years ago. The fossils are very typical, rare and representative, and have important scientific research value. Professor Xu Xing, a researcher at the Institute of Palaeovertebrate and Palaeoanthropology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and a well-known dinosaur researcher, told reporters that, as far as the fossil sites themselves are concerned, the area is the largest in the world and the species is the most known in Asia. The Late Cretaceous strata are well developed in this area. The local geology and dinosaur fossils are very important for studying the Late Cretaceous dinosaur extinction. The dinosaur fossil group here is mainly a large plant-eating dinosaur duck-billed dinosaur. Recently it has been excavated a 175-cm-long femur, a 140-cm-long scapula, and a 110-cm-long humerus. After preliminary identification, these fossils are the largest duck-billed dragon bones currently found. At present, the fossil repair and assembly work has been completed. Experts have initially named it “Huge Chinese Dragon”. Its length is more than 21 meters, which is more than the “World Dragon King”.

The “giant Zhucheng dragon” is nearly 4 meters long. At least 10 dinosaur species have been found. Xu Xing said that there were about 6 or 7 dinosaur species newly discovered this time, among which there are new genus species, which is of significance for studying the evolution and migration of dinosaurs. Significant. In October last year, a complete dinosaur fossil skeleton of an unknown genus was unearthed here. It is likely to be a new dinosaur genus and another major discovery since the third excavation of the dinosaur salamander. This fossil The skeleton has been shipped to Beijing for further research. At this point, at least 10 species of dinosaurs have been found in the dinosaur salamander, including three large horned dragons, two tyrannosaurus, at least two duck-billed dragons, and ankylosaurus, Virtual bone dragon, etc. Among them, major discoveries such as large horned dragon fossils, complete protoceratops fossil skeletons, more complete large tyrannosaurus fossils, etc., found for the first time outside of North America, have filled the gaps in dinosaur research. For the first time The large-scale Ceratosaurus fossils found are of great significance for the study of the migration of the Late Cretaceous dinosaurs, breaking the speculation in the dinosaur community that there is no large Ceratosaurus in Asia. Environmental changes and biological evolution have very important scientific research value. In addition, a complete protoceratops baby fossil skeleton is also found here. Such a complete protoceratops fossil skeleton is still the first discovery in the world. Investment 15 The reporter of the billion yuan construction geopark learned from Cui Jianyi that after inspections by dozens of well-known dinosaur research experts at home and abroad, this is the largest dinosaur fossil group with the largest fossil reserves found in the world. Aiming at the site here Cui Sanitary said that the Cretaceous Dinosaur Geopark in Zhucheng with the dinosaur core as the core area has been named by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences as a dinosaur science popularization base and a geological scientific popularization base. The review is actively applying for the World Geopark, the World Natural Heritage and the World Geological Wonders. Now, Zhucheng is planning to invest 1.5 billion yuan to construct the Cretaceous Dinosaur Geopark and Cultural Industry Park in Zhugou and Zangjiazhuang. The first phase will be The main stadium is constructed in the shape of a dinosaur, mainly displaying the world’s largest Dragon fossil promenade, the world’s most diverse dinosaur fossil cluster, the world’s tallest individual duck-billed dragon fossil skeleton, etc., among which more than 100 dinosaur fossil skeletons will be displayed. At the same time, through ancient environment restoration, acoustic and optical high-tech reproduction, culture and art Various means, such as exhibitions, have transformed dinosaurs into a comprehensive tourism destination that integrates scientific research, science popularization, tourism, leisure and cultural entertainment.

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