Shennongjia Reserve explores mysterious caves and discovers life

Picture: People can descend with the help of multiple rope ladders. Picture: The discovery of multiple streams in the cave should be one of the reasons for the formation of the cave. Picture: Large space composed of horizontal slate. Picture: Large space composed of horizontal slate. On October 8th, Shennongjia Nature Reserve organized manpower to investigate the unknown cave discovered at the end of September in the Guanmen Mountain Scenic Area under construction, and it was initially proved that the cave is a complex and vibrant underground underground river system. The gigantic boulder in the cave, mottled rock formations, gurgling underground streams, and miraculous sand dune landscapes all made the team members marvel at the wonders of nature. At 8 am, 21 cave exploration and support personnel were equipped with necessary equipment such as safety ropes, miner’s lamps, and walkie-talkies to enter the cave in an organized manner. They are all from the scientific research and tour

ism departments of Shennongjia Nature Reserve. After the team members entered the cave, they found that the passageway in the cave had few flat grounds, with steep slopes as the mainstays, huge rocks piled up in the tunnel, and stone walls stood around. Although some support staff set up rope ladders and slab ladders in some caves in the cave and laid some electric wires for lighting in advance, it is still very difficult for the inspecting team to walk. Almost only climbing can advance between the boulders, and in some low hole passages, You need to move forward. After the survey team turned left and entered a narrow passage not far from the main cave, the terrain turned sharply down, and turned right along the passage, starting to have a lot of bifurcation openings. Here you can see mottled rock formations, and the river runs along the river from a high place. The ditch leaped like a pearl. Above the confluence of the river was a sightless Hessentian cave. Not far down the river, a deep pool of water blocked the way. The underground rivers that come passively, go nowhere, and come together vertically and horizontally become a spectacle underground. The highest head of a waterfall is nearly 50 meters high. The expeditionary team proceeded further into another narrow passageway in the depths, and after climbing up the ridge, they discovered a cave-like world: Here, the original vertical slate became horizontal, and the huge gap under the slate constituted a stone-like room , And on the ground, there are miraculous sand and mud slopes, which are spectacular and can be called a must. The vertical distance of this cave sky below the entrance of the cave is about 150 meters, and the travel distance is about 1000 meters. Amazingly, on the stone wall along the way, the team members repeatedly found moths with crystal waterdrops on their wings. There is a tadpole, a small fish, and a tadpole near a puddle upstream of a narrow channel below a dune, and a mound with a colorless single stem grows on the mound in the cave. Because the terrain inside the cave is complicated and the soil is everywhere, the expedition team members are all muddy and exhausted, but the new discoveries keep them full of interest. The head of the inspection team, Liao Mingyao, the director of the Shennongjia Nature Reserve Management Bureau, immediately convened the team to arrange further related inspections of the Anhe River and the surrounding mountains after the inspection team withdrew on the same day. Mr. Gu Qingsheng, a well-known eco-travel writer who has been engaged in geological work for many years, and the general consultant of this inspection, vividly likened the mysterious cave to the womb of Mother Earth. He said that this is one of the few geological wonders he has ever seen. More precisely, it should be called the underground underground river. The geological sections and landscapes concentrated here include aquatic life, amphibians, insects and birds. And plants and other living systems will be ideal for geological popular science exploration activities. This mysterious cave located in the Guanmen Mountain Scenic Area of ​​Shennongjia was discovered at the end of September, and the investigation was mainly to clarify its research value and significance. The discovery of the hole will undoubtedly be another highlight of the scenic spot.

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