The creator of the deep sea civilization of prehistoric civilization in the seabed: the seabed

In the mysterious Man from Atlantis live a strange human, they built magnificent underwater observatory, created a glorious history, with live carefree and underwater creatures. Suddenly, some seabed people felt lonely when they felt lonely. They mixed into the humans on the land. So, a series of interesting things happened… Readers who read the science fiction ” The Man at the End of the Atlantic ” These stories are not unfamiliar, and many readers may ask: Is there really another human being under the ocean?


For this question, it is still impossible to give a clear answer. After all, we live on this huge planet, and the current level of human understanding is extremely limited, and there are many things that we have not yet known. Although there is no conclusive evidence that the seabed is living with some kind of human beings, the rumors about the life of the people on the seabed are constant, and it is surprising to have a nose and eyes.

Mysterious “undersea man”

A seabed person is a human being living on the seabed. Regarding the people of the sea, there is a view that the “undersea man” can survive in the “sea of ​​the air” and survive in the “air of the ocean”. It is another branch of prehistoric human beings; another view is that The seabed is not another branch of human beings, it is probably a special alien who lives underwater . But so far, there is no definite evidence to prove the existence of the seabed.

Mysterious “undersea people” frequently appear

In 1938, on the beach of Jummanda Beach in Estonia on the eastern shore of the Baltic Sea in Eastern Europe, a group of people who caught the sea found a strange animal that had never been seen before: its mouth was like a duckbill, but its chest was like a chicken breast and a round head. When the “undersea man” found someone tracking it, he slid into the Baltic Sea at a very fast speed, barely seeing its feet, but left a huge slap on the beach.

In 1958, Dr. Rotan of the National Oceanographic Society used underwater cameras to photograph some similar people but not human footprints in the Atlantic Ocean over 4,000 meters deep.

In 1968, the underwater photographer Mooney of Miami City in the United States saw a strange animal on the seabed: his face was like a monkey, his neck was four times longer than a human, and his eyes were much larger than people. When the animal saw the photographer, he quickly swam away with the “propeller” of the leg.

In early 1973, a captain named Dan Delmony found a “boat” shaped like a cigar under the Atlantic Stirley Bay, which was 40-50 meters long and sailed at a speed of 60-70 nautical miles. The captain was afraid of colliding with him and tried to avoid sailing with it, but it was “generous” and went straight to the ship. The captain was shocked, but he passed quietly.

After half a year, dozens of warships in NATO and Norway found an underwater monster called the Ghost Submarine in Thanksgiving. Attack with multiple weapons, no effect at all. When it came to the surface, the radio, radar and sonar on so many ships all failed, and it returned to normal when it disappeared.

In 1988, in the swamps of the suburbs of Biwe, South Carolina, a “lizard man” of half-human and half-beast was discovered. “Lizard Man” is about 2 meters tall, with a pair of big red eyes, full of green scales, only 3 fingers in each hand, walking upright, running faster than the car, walking in the swamp Freedom, people want to do everything they can to catch it, but they have not been able to do so. Over time, witness reports like “undersea people” are often found around the world. Based on years of research, American scientists have come up with a bold idea: behind these strange phenomena may harbor some kind of civilization from a foreign country!

Faced with these rare underwater intelligent animals, British scientists believe that they can live in the “sea of ​​the air” and live in the “air of the ocean”, another branch of ancient humans. The reason is that humans originated in the sea.

Is this a challenge to Darwin’s conclusion that “people are evolved from ancient apes”? Yes. The famous French doctor Miguel Oden further stressed that according to his research on the relationship between water and human beings for many years, the ancestors of human beings are likely to be some kind of primate in the water instead of apes. As a basis for this argument, Oden enumerates many of the differences between humans and apes, most of which are related to water. For example, apes hate water, while human babies can swim almost at birth, apes do not cry, and dolphins (such as dugong, ” mermaid “) have tears.

However, people who hold another view believe that submarine humanoids may be another human being, because the technological level of these intelligent animals has far exceeded that of humans on land. They are likely to be specific aliens inhabiting deep water. Because of the four types of aliens we have contacted, the most common is the “humanoid monster.”

Controversy about the mysterious seabed

Whether the seabed really lives, has always been a matter of debate among scientists.

Some scholars believe that the rumors about the discovery of the seabed, the ghost submarine and the castle under the sea are mostly ridiculous scams of some boring people, and some people have made up these strange experiences and rumors for their fame. Purely for fun or happy. These scholars believe that the so-called “undersea man” may be some animals in the sea, and the ghost submarine may be some experimental advanced submarines, and the water castles and pyramids found in the water are purely illusory, and there is no convincing evidence at all. Prove the existence of such subsea buildings.

However, many people hold the opposite view. They believe that in the depths of the boundless sea, there should be another kind of mysterious intelligent human being – “undersea people.” Their basis is: human origins in the ocean, many modern habits and organs of human beings clearly retain traces of this, such as “like salt, hairless, swimming, eating fish” and so on. When humans evolved , it is likely to form two branches in the water and on land. The ashore is called “human”; the water is called “the seabed.” The seabed is a branch of the earth’s human evolution. Like the land humans, they are constantly evolving in the ocean, but in the end they are not separated from the sea, but become the masters of the ocean. Scholars who hold this view believe that the famous “Bimili underwater architecture” is the architectural relic of the seabed people. Later, due to the rising seabed, the seabed people who only lived in the deep sea had to give up their castle. They even pointed out that the large dome-shaped transparent buildings found on the sea floor of Spain and the pyramids found at the bottom of the Atlantic may be high-tech buildings and equipment for human beings on the seabed. Pyramids may be equipment used to generate electricity or purify and desalinate seawater, and the radar antennas on those buildings may be their network antennas for wireless communication under the sea.

In addition, some Russian experts who study unidentified objects believe that the intelligence of these intelligent animals in the sea is beyond humanity, and it is likely to be a smart creature from an alien planet in deep water. Because if the “undersea man” is a branch of prehistoric human evolution of the earth, then their degree of civilization development is not far from the human beings of the earth. In fact, from the technology and function of the unidentified submarine that appears in the sea, the Earth people are currently unable to Made such an advanced ship. Therefore, the masters of these “ghost submarines” have far exceeded the level of human beings on earth. They can only be highly intelligent humans from aliens. They may have built a base deep in the ocean, paying attention to human actions and often appearing in the ocean.

If in the distant future, human science and technology develop to be able to clearly explain the underground civilization, then will these “undersea people” be friendly to establish friendship with mankind? Or is there a battle between underground civilization and underwater civilization?

Data card one:

Mermaid: the messenger of the underwater civilization?

The British “Sun” reported that in 1962 there was an incident in which scientists caught the mermaid. Dr. Vinograd of the Lenin Academy of Sciences in the former Soviet Union described the passage: At that time, a probe ship carrying scientists and military experts captured a small human mermaid in the outer sea of ​​Cuba. The skin was scaly and flawed. The head is like a human, and the tail is like a fish. The mermaid called himself from the city of Atlantis and told the researchers that millions of years ago, the continent of Atlantis across Africa and South America, and then sank to the bottom of the sea… Later the mermaid was sent to the Black Sea A secret research institution for scientists to study in depth.

Coincidentally, two professional sharks in the United States captured 11 sharks in the Caribbean Sea. One of the tiger sharks was 18.3 meters long. When the fisherman dissected the tiger shark, he found a strange sacrum in his stomach. One third of the upper body of the humerus is like the bones of an adult, but from the pelvis it is the bone of a big fish. At that time, the fishermen transferred it to the police. After examination by the coroner, the result proved to be a half-human and half-fish creature.

For this strange bone, the police asked the experts to further study and input the data into the computer to draw the mermaid according to the shape of the bone. Dr. Essau, who participated in this work, said that from the evidence they have, the mermaid is not a legendary or fictional creature, but a creature that does exist in the world.

Data card two:

Daxi people still live on the seabed

Plato’s account of the “Great Western Kingdom” more than 2,000 years ago stated that there is a huge land in the “West Sea”, which is the “Great Western Country” on the continent of Atlantis. The scenery on the land is beautiful, the products are rich, the civilization is highly developed, the people are rich in life, and the powerful army is full of nerves. Unexpectedly, a devastating earthquake and the accompanying tsunami caused the whole continent of Atlantis and all the people to sink into the seabed overnight…

Later, someone found a huge stone complex under the waters of Bimini in the Bermuda Sea. They are well-structured, large-scale, and varied in shape. The large stone wall of 1,600 meters is made up of large stones of 4.5 meters in length, 6 meters in width and 3 meters in height. Each large stone weighs at least 25 tons. The stone streets are also arranged in various patterns with rectangular or polygonal stones.

A flat-topped pyramid 42 meters high and 54 meters long on each side, sleeping under the water of nearly 400 meters, also found the dock, port equipment remains and marble statues. According to the analysis of the seabed limestone near the Bahamas, it proved to have existed in the air 12,000 years ago, which means that it used to be land. Those imaginative explorers suspect that the “Great Westerners” may still live on the bottom of Bermuda.

Data card three:

Humans live back to the bottom of the sea and grow up

Human experts predict that the total population of the world will exceed 20 billion in the middle and late 21st century. The limited land space will no longer meet the needs of normal human life. Therefore, some scholars have suggested that let us go back to the sea! Where life comes from, it will also be able to gain new development there.

At present, human marine architects are sketching the blueprint for the ocean city: the Japanese will build a sea city after the sea airport is built; the Americans will build a submarine city on the sea floor of the Hawaiian Islands. The 21st century will be the century in which mankind develops and uses the ocean. To this end, the international scientific and technological community has launched a new competition: while developing and utilizing the ocean, see who is the first to turn the ocean city from concept to reality!

Among the ancestors that appear in babies, some will grow up, which makes us think: Will humans grow up? Genetic scholars believe that humans have evolved from scorpion animals. Based on the understanding of the human genome and the fish genome, it is completely achievable.

USO: Is it an aircraft made by people under the sea?

Ocean Ghost: “Kwakali” phenomenon

It is well known that a quarter of the Earth’s surface is covered by water. Then, the UFO’s sightings are not necessarily limited to the air. In fact, the UFO flew into the water from the air, or flew out of the water, and was occasionally witnessed. Contrary to the UFO in the air, the USO includes unidentified diving objects, as well as unidentified animals (UMA), such as monsters in the water or in the sea, which have caused great concern.

After the Second World War, the United States and the Soviet Union entered the Cold War era, and some strange phenomena occurred frequently in the Atlantic Ocean, known as the “Kwakali” phenomenon. The so-called “Kwakali” phenomenon means that some nuclear submarines carrying missiles in the former Soviet Union frequently encounter objects of high-speed movement that are unknown in the Atlantic Ocean. It is said that during the encounter with these objects, the crew heard some strange noises through the sound-sounding device in the water, and the sound of the “Kwa” in the Russian language, this phenomenon is also named. Unknown diving objects are also known as “marine ghosts”, which were thought to be unknown marine life, or a new type of secret weapon in the hostile United States.

The former Soviet Navy knew that the existence of the “Kuwakari” phenomenon began in 1960. Until the end of the Cold War era in the United States and the Soviet Union, the information on “Kwakali” was still top secret.

The phenomenon of “Kuwakari” was first known in history and was derived from the former Soviet naval officer Vatim Glynchenko. In August 2001, Gingerchenko stated in a newspaper that the Soviet Union’s nuclear submarines, which carried out secret missions in the Atlantic Ocean around the 1960s, were constantly entangled in unusually strange truths. According to Lieutenant General Victor Pateljef, the former Minister of Operations of the former Soviet Navy’s Staff Headquarters and former professor of the Academy of Military Sciences, there were more than 1,000 submarines and 243 nuclear submarines in the former Soviet Union, but “Kuwakari” seems to Only the nuclear submarines carrying nuclear missiles are concerned. Therefore, at the time, the Minister of Defense, Marshal Andrei Krezico, issued an order instructing the Naval Intelligence Committee to establish a top-secret investigation organization to conduct a comprehensive investigation into the “Kuwakari” phenomenon that hindered the country’s military operations.

However, the investigation did not make any substantial progress. The true face of “Kuwakari” is unclear in any case. The strange voices are coming from different directions, and the tone is constantly changing. It seems to be tempting nuclear submarines and doing some kind of “conversation.” Sometimes, from the nuclear submarine to send signals such as sonar, “Kuwakari” reaction is particularly active, but there is no tendency to attack. They even accompanied the nuclear submarines of the former Soviet Union, entering the coast from the high seas, and finally issued a farewell to the “Crocro” and eventually disappeared into the deep bottom of the sea.

So, what exactly is “Kwakali”? Was it the latest type of marine weapon in the United States? Still unknown marine life?

In 1975, Major General Vladimir Naoumov of the former Soviet Union, during his tenure as the captain of the nuclear submarine K182, had personally experienced the phenomenon of “Kuwakari”. He recalled that the nuclear submarine K182 had suffered 75 encounters with Kuwakree in the 15 years since its service in 1975. At that time, he believed that “Kwakali” was the latest type of marine weapon in the United States, and believed that the United States was constantly exploring the diving detection technology of the former Soviet Union with this weapon.

However, the former Soviet Navy does not necessarily support Nawumov’s statement. Some people think that it is a certain kind of marine life, or that unknown creatures move in the sea. According to Anatoly, who served as the head of the Central Committee of Maritime Studies and Oceanography of the Ministry of National Defense? Comrade Komaritwen said that the activities of “Kuwakri” are like some kind of organic matter attached to the bottom of a nuclear submarine. This substance is always shining, and the light gradually diminishes as the sun shines.

According to the original crew of the nuclear submarine K433 Sergei? Vahilivich’s testimony stated that in 1985, in the northern Pacific Ocean, where the water depth was about 100 meters, it was entangled for about an hour by the “Croclaw” of “Kuwakri”. Then, with a bang, the nuclear submarine K433 seemed to collide with something soft and sticky, and the collision sounded like the sound of raw meat falling on the cutting board. However, I don’t know if the “meat” is too big, or the K433 with a displacement of 13,000 tons is too large, and the K433 is actually shaking.

“Ghost submarine” in World War II

In June 1942, in the mid-sea battle of the Pacific Midway, the Japanese joint fleet and the US aircraft carrier “Kitty Hawk” carried out a fierce battle. In the process, there was always a mysterious submarine quietly watching the side. But when it was discovered by both sides and mistakenly thought it was an enemy ship, it attacked it, but it disappeared without a trace. When the US-Japan ship was only fighting in the Mariana Islands, this mysterious submarine appeared again, but it still only “wait and see” and does not support either side. The stranger thing is still behind: When a Japanese ship was hit by a fire and the sailors jumped into the sea to escape, the mysterious submarine immediately approached the scene and rescued many officers and men. Then, it drove a little further, and the officers and men sat in two lifeboats before they quietly drove off. What makes these rescued officers even more puzzled is that during the whole process, they never saw the people on the submarine, and only one voice from the horn was commanding them what to do. Moreover, the speed and other performance of this submarine was unmatched by all the most advanced ships of the time.

After the end of the war, the US intelligence department had specifically investigated the matter, but there was no result. At that time, there were only a few countries including the United States, Germany, and Japan, but Germany and Japan denied that they had sent submarines to the naval battle scene. .

In the early 1960s, USO was frequently seen in the vast waters of the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean, tracking warships of the United States, the former Soviet Union, and even other countries. Once, the US “Enterprise” nuclear-powered aircraft carrier was tracked in the South Pacific and was waiting to respond, and the other party quickly disappeared beyond the positioning of sonar and detectors. The “Enterprise” sent several anti-submarine helicopters to search around and dropped a number of deep-water bombs, but eventually found nothing. The former Soviet fleet has also encountered a similar situation.

USO witnesses strange talk

One night in June 1950, on the pastures of the Atlantic coast of southern Argentina, suddenly, there was a fierce, harsh noise on the sea, and the sheep sleeping in the pasture panicked and fled. There was neither wind nor heavy rain that night. The rancher suddenly saw a gleaming oval object from the surface about 500 meters away. After rising vertically to a certain height, he turned right at right angle to Argentina in the northeast. It is.

On March 5, 1979, on the shores of the Canary Islands to the west of the North Atlantic, a photographer was preparing to leave after taking a photo, suddenly discovering an ivory-colored object from the sea. “Get off from the water, suddenly the guy flies high at an unusual speed, for a moment. Even the time of photography is not. The USO is neither disc-shaped nor spherical, like a pyramid.” Photographer I said this in an interview.

On the evening of February 8, 1981, on the island of Kristina in the Gulf of Cadiz, Spain, two teenagers were studying in the field and accidentally found that in the sea about 300 meters away from them, bright light was slowly floating. Out. At first they thought it was a submarine, but the intensity of the light gradually became stronger. At the same time, an elliptical unidentified object took off from the water and stopped at an altitude of 500 meters. The two teenagers looked up blankly, and after a while, the unknown object disappeared.

The hidden USO event has been uncovered in recent years

It is rumored that the ” 51st District ” of the US military is an alien research base, but the US military has always denied it. It is a well-known fact that the US military continues to adopt a policy of concealing UFOs. When it comes to USO, the approach is exactly the same. The following incidents are the recent examples of internal whistle-blowers.

On a certain day in 1954, from the USS Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) warship, the aircraft carrier witnessed an unknown object approaching the warship. First, two circular objects with a diameter of about 5 meters take off from the sea. After 7 minutes, the cigar-shaped object with a length of about 100 meters is larger than the front two round objects. After the two circular objects have been captured, they quickly rise and disappear into the air. After 3 minutes, the same huge cigar-shaped object returned again and flew into the sea and disappeared.

When the crew witnessed this object, they were extremely nervous and fearful. After these objects appeared, they did not know why all the power and communication functions of the warships were lost. The carrier aircraft was in a state of being unable to take off. Until these objects disappeared, the power and function of the “Roosevelt” aircraft carrier completely returned to normal.

Another similar incident was the UFO incident of the aircraft carrier John F. Kennedy (JFK). The incident was a communications officer on the warship at the time, and James Kop, who worked for the US National Secret Service for a long time, disclosed it in 2000.

In the middle of the night of July 2, 1971, the JFK aircraft carrier was sailing on the surface of the Bahamas in the southeast of the Florida Peninsula. When the UFO with an orange-yellow light and a diameter of about 80 meters appeared in the sky above the warship, everything led by the radar The electronic machine completely lost its function. Even after two hours, when the UFO disappeared, all the electronic machines were still completely unusable…

In the late night of September 1974, when the Vietnam War was nearing the end of the day, the US Navy shipwreck rescue ship “opener” sailed on the sea surface of Guam. The starboard monitor and the officer on duty on duty watched the red light flashing on the sea. One unknown. The monster is hiding under the “opener” and marching in parallel with the “opener”. The officer immediately reported this to Guam’s combat headquarters. The Guam Combat Headquarters sent an F-14 fighter jet. The F-14 fighter immediately discovered the USO during low-altitude flight. Then, the F-14 fighter jet almost touched the surface of the sea. Breaking the waves, however, the USO in the sea easily dropped the F-14 fighter jet at a high speed of 2,486 kilometers per hour and disappeared in an instant.

USO already exists on earth?

According to the researchers, deep-sea unidentified divers continue to haunt the unknown waters of the ocean. So, has USO already existed on Earth?

USO is an abbreviation for Unknown Diving. The earliest record of the USO incident in the world was in 329 BC. As he crossed the Jacques River in India, Alexander the Great saw a looming silver shield in the sky, constantly flying over their heads.

At 22:00 on October 11, 1492, the night sky was silent, and Christoph Columbus and his crew were slowly crossing the Atlantic. Suddenly, Columbus and his crew saw the strange light shining on the bottom of the sea. Soon, a huge unidentified object flashed brightly and leaped out of the water and flew into the night sky, which surprised Columbus and the 120 crew members of the three Spanish fleets. In less than five hours, they discovered the New World. Columbus wrote in his logbook: The flash on the dish is like a candle flickering, falling from the night sky. The flash is obviously not from the ground because it is far beyond the horizon.

Coincidentally, in Columbus’s voyage log for more than two months, another strange thing similar to the USO incident on October 11, 1492 was recorded. This incident may also be inextricably linked to outer space.

September 10, 1492: The crew of the “Nina” claimed that they saw two waterfowl. However, this waterfowl never flies more than 120 kilometers above the land.

September 11, 1492: “We saw a huge sailing mast, apparently it weighed more than 120 tons and could not lift it.”

The logbooks on September 17th and 20th also recorded that the stars in the night sky, or some kind of undetermined light, seem to be moving slowly. Then there was the striking October 11 logbook: at 10 pm, the captain saw a beam of light on the back deck, and even called Pero Gutierrez and let him follow the light. In the direction, Gutierrez also saw the shining light; the captain saw the flash of the object shining like a candle, rising and falling in the night sky…

In addition, it has been speculated that the Kingdom of Atlantis is located in the Mediterranean Sea, providing a convenient take-off and landing position for unidentified divers that monitor human civilization.

Does the alien submarine base really exist?

In the UFO exploration study, the abduction event was considered the fourth kind of close encounter. The first is the approaching encounter, the second is the close encounter with the electromagnetic effect, and the third is the close encounter with the witness’s witness.

The appearance of a person abducted by an alien

Farn is a UFO research expert who put forward his own views on the UFO abduction: in 1961, the famous Hill couple incident occurred. Hill’s wife, Brady, was hypnotized after being abducted by aliens. When she remembered that she had seen the UFO enter the water from the air.

In 1989, Linda Napolidano was kidnapped from the window of the high apartment and brought into the UFO. Later, Linda Napolidano recalled in the treatment: “I saw the big window outside. Contaminated water, some soft drink bottles float on it.”

In the Kent Wilson incident in 2006, the two abducted people returned safely from the abducted location after being kidnapped. “Look up, there is only water outside, there are countless bubbles on the front side of the window; there is water flowing down on one side.” It is said that this is Kent’s “time gap” in the middle of thinking about hypnotism for about an hour. Memory.

The saying about the UFO submarine base has always been there. In the view of Faint, the UFO submarine base has the possibility of existence.

In 1958, from the coast of Brazil to the Atlantic coast of Argentina, UFOs frequently entered the sea. At that time, the media speculated that there might be a UFO submarine base on the seabed. Afterwards, in the Caribbean Sea in La Guaira, Venezuela, the Waldes Sea in Argentina, the Adriatic Sea in Italy, etc., UFO and USO incidents occurred in many oceans around the world. The existence of the base is even more talkative.

The fifth category is close to encounter

In addition to the first four kinds of close encounters, there is a fifth type of close encounter, that is, contrary to the fourth kind of close encounter, the fifth type is close to the encounter is a case of talks, meaning that the experience is voluntary, personally take the UFO, this kind of experience is Called the talker.

Swedish UFO researcher Alvi Holmster investigated the case of the “Henry” talker. It was in March 1978, and it happened on El Iero Island in the western end of the Canary Islands. In order to treat the digestive system and blood diseases, Henry came to El Iero Island from Sweden and lived in a rented house near the volcanic hill. One night in mid-March, the rental house was attacked like a big earthquake. When it was about to collapse, Henry quickly ran out of the rental room. He found three light-emitting points arranged in a regular triangle on the sea. In the center of the triangle, the circular illuminator floating from the sky is projecting massive light! After 1 minute, the ground motion shake stopped, the light disappeared, and the neighborhood was dark.

A few days later, the light column suddenly appeared in the bedroom, and a male appeared. The man even asked Henry in standard Swedish to see what he saw last night. Henry replied honestly: “I have been repairing the damaged ones these days. The house did not reveal this and ensure that it would be kept secret.” After a few more days, the man and several partners appeared in Henry’s room, and they used some incredible device to cure Henry’s illness.

It is said that they are almost indistinguishable from the Earth, from aliens from the Milky Way of the Earth’s 85 million light years. Secretly visit the Earth in order to prevent human stupid self-destructive behavior such as nuclear war and environmental pollution on the planet. The base has been built on the seabed, which is difficult to see by human eyes. There are seven in the world: under the surface of the Canary Islands, along the coast of Australia, under the sea in Greenland, under the Korean Peninsula, underground in Easter Island, and in the underground of Mount Shasta in California. And the largest underground base is located under the ice sheet of the Antarctic continent.

What is USO? Does the alien submarine base really exist? These mysteries may still bother us for quite some time. But we believe that with the development of science, these mysterious unknown objects will definitely show their “truth”.

Mysterious submarine pyramid

The ancient Egyptians had the custom of building pyramids as the tombs of the kings and queens, so there are many pyramids in Egypt. These pyramids, which hide many secrets, have survived for more than 4,000 years, and still stand in the vast yellow sands of Egypt, facing the pyramids buried deep in the ocean, as if silently telling the thousand years of lovesickness. Maybe you will ask, which pyramid is in the ocean? This is to start with the discovery of scientists.

In 1963, the US Navy found an unidentified object sneaking at a very high speed under the sea in southeastern Puerto Rico. The US Navy sent a destroyer and a submarine to pursue it. They tracked for four days, or let the thing run off. This underwater unidentified object not only has a fast speed, but also has a strange diving function. It can dive to the deep sea below 8000 meters, making the sonar unable to capture. People only saw that it had a tail with a propeller and couldn’t see its true face.

In 1979, scientists from the United States and France joined the scientific expedition on the Atlantic Ocean, carrying a large number of instruments on their scientific research vessels, which were the most advanced equipment at that time. On this day, the radar screamed: “Report, unidentified objects found on the seabed!” This unidentified object is huge, standing on the bottom of the sea without changing its position, and the sea water is diverted alongside the object, and the undercurrent is quite urgent. The scientists on board carefully approached the surface of the sea where the unknown object was located, and the sonar device clearly showed a huge pyramid-shaped object. Scientists can’t believe their eyes. They sent people to take pictures underwater in a deep-water submarine. The photos clearly tell the scientists a surprising discovery: in the rough sea, there is a tower. The submarine pyramid known to man.

The bottom of the tower is 300 meters long and 200 meters high. It is even bigger and more spectacular than the Egyptian Khufu Pyramid. There is a flat seabed around the pyramid, no traces of volcanic eruptions, and no mountains traversing it. Obviously, the submarine pyramid is not a volcanic relic or a submarine mountain formed by the erosion of the ocean currents. Is this pyramid artificially made? How did it appear in the bottom of the sea? How do people survive and how to build a “pyramid” on the bottom of the waves?

If the submarine pyramid is really built by humans, then this pyramid will never be built in the sea. Not to mention that the seabed current is variable, the construction difficulty has doubled, and the water pressure of the seabed below 360 meters has reached the point of horror. The fragile human body can not move freely in the depths of the seabed even if wearing a compression suit, let alone Building such a huge pyramid.

People would rather believe that the pyramid was originally built on the ground. But now the pyramid is on the bottom of the sea, presumably because of the sinking of the land. The submarine “pyramid” may have been originally built on land, and then a strong earthquake occurred. As the geology changed drastically, the land sank into the ocean, thus causing the “pyramid” to fall to the bottom of the sea.

Scientists believe in the truth, but dare not accept such a conclusion, because there is no definite evidence to support this conclusion, and the legend tells the scientists. The legendary Atlantis died because of the sinking of the Great Western Isles, and Daxizhou is located in today’s Bermuda area, so scholars associate the pyramid with the Atlantean civilization. It’s up.

Some scholars have speculated that this submarine “pyramid” may have been built by Atlantis who lived on the seabed for a long time. Millions of years ago, the Bermuda Triangle was probably one of the bases for Atlantis activities. The role of the “pyramid” on the seabed is more difficult to judge. Some scholars believe that this is just a warehouse.

One of the photos taken underwater is very weird, and the photo is full of swirling white light. For this photo, some people suspect that the “pyramid” of the seabed may be a special device used by Atlantis to attract and gather cosmic rays, magnetic oscillations or other unknown energy waves, and to accumulate radioactive materials and other energy sources. . This device may be a sign that the Atlanteans remain on Earth, so that when they return to Earth, they can quickly find a place to land along the mark.

Coincidentally, on the bottom of the sea in this area, two giant “glass” pyramids were discovered, located on the sea floor east of Miami, USA. What is puzzling is that the two pyramids were not built by people of ancient times, but were built in the last 50 years or so. This was discovered by the oceanographer Dr. Meyer when he took a submarine for close observation. According to the digital data obtained from the sonar detector, the two pyramids are more than twice as large as the Great Pyramid. What is surprising to the experts is that the materials used to build the two pyramids are very similar in density to glass.

On March 29, 2012, a team of scientists from multiple countries re-examined the secrets of the two submarine pyramids. The sonar and underwater cameras show that the two pyramids are made of glass or even crystals. The surface is quite smooth, there are no cracks or incomplete places, even seaweed, seaweed, shells and other attachments.

Regarding this issue, discussions were also held in a private meeting held in Florida recently, but the conclusion was not made public. However, the oceanographer Dr. Warrag Meyer, who attended the meeting, said at a press conference held in the Bahamas: “Although we know the specific latitude and longitude of the two seabed pyramids, I can only tell you that it is in Bermuda. Near the center of the triangle.”

In addition, according to Dr. Varag Meyer’s report, two large holes are opened in the upper part of the “Glass” Pyramid, and seawater flocks from one to the other at high speed, creating a huge vortex around the pyramid. The resulting reversal surges into the Shanghai surface, creating violent waves and mist.

The bottom of the sea reproduces prehistoric civilization

From the island of Nagano, 60 nautical miles from Yilan, Taiwan, the remains of the “Ancient Temple” were discovered on the south side of the sea. After eight years of field investigations by scholars and experts, it was discovered that the ancient city of the seabed may be the remains of ancient civilization when the Ryukyu Islands and the Chinese mainland were still connected 15,000 years ago. It was suddenly sunk into the seabed due to geological changes caused by the earthquake.

According to the latest report of the Ryukyu University Undersea Survey Team led by Professor Kimura, on the seabed along the coast of Ishigaki Island, in the last two years, various stone buildings, pillars, Lingshi, head statues, arches and geometric turtles have been discovered. Recently, even “hieroglyphics” carved on stone walls have been discovered. Professor Kimura pointed out that he was convinced that the remains of the seabed were relics of ancient civilizations.

Professor Kimura asserted with confidence: “Because of the study of the archaeological studies around Okinawa, the oldest civilization in the world will be seen again. The ancient ‘Hyper Dragon Palace’ legend suggests the existence of ancient civilizations on the seabed, and the ‘MU’ civilization that sank on the seabed. Let the story of the underwater dragon palace continue to be passed down. I am convinced that the underwater relics of that country are the ‘MU’ civilization that suddenly disappeared 12,000 years ago.”

The so-called “MU civilization” came from the “disappearing MU continent” proposed by American scholar James Chai Jiwude in the early 20th century. According to Chai Jiwude, the prehistoric Pacific Ocean, including Japan, Okinawa, and Taiwan, is still a whole connected continent. In this land larger than the South American continent, there has been a highly developed “MU civilization.”

According to the assumption of James Chai Jiwude, the “MU civilization” and the “disappearing MU continent” sank into the sea overnight due to the geological changes caused by the earthquake. Since the civilization is about 12,000 years old, there is no record left except for oral communication. I believe that “MU Civilization” is still quietly sleeping in the Pacific Ocean, waiting for people to dig out its true face.

In fact, about half a century ago, fishermen discovered that there were huge pyramids and ancient castles on the southwestern side of the island. In 1986, local diving experts named it the “Relics Diving Tourist Area”, which attracted Less photographers and tourists sneak into the bottom of the sea to observe the remains, but also attracted the attention of local scholars in Ryukyu, and began to conduct academic seabed archaeology research.

About two years ago, the “Shen Temple” at the bottom of the Xinchuan Nasal, which is located in the southeast of the country, was formed by computer simulations by the submarine archaeological investigation team, and judged according to the orientation of the turtles, spiritual stones, squares, etc. It may be a temple where ancient residents gather to worship. As for the two semi-circular “columns” on the north side of the temple, some archaeologists pointed out that the low-lying cave may be the place where the witch was bathed before the ceremony, or it may be the pool for the virgins to be dedicated to God. The orientation and manner of the Lingshi arrangement near the east side of the semi-circular cave is similar to the folk beliefs of Okinawa and the Japanese island. In addition, the arched city gates in the east of the temple and the gates of the megaliths are similar to the Ryukyu Kingdom buildings that were raised only 10,000 years later. The two overlapping boulders found near the gate are speculated to be the cornerstone under the gate; the two boulders are neatly overlapped, and there is a rectangular hole in the upper part of the gate. It seems that the boulder is manpowered. Become part of the castle.

In addition to the various discoveries of the temple, there are also striking new discoveries in the “Lishenyan” on the southeast coast of the island. Lishenyan has been a target of worship for the inhabitants of the island since ancient times. According to local legends, a young man sat on the rock of the gods in ancient times. Suddenly the sea and the waves surged. When the people and the stone were about to enter the sea, the young people began to pray and pray on the rock. When he opened his eyes, he found that he was sitting on the land. safe place. Lishenyan has thus become a symbol of the island’s guardianship, and the nearby seas have thus become the “sacred waters” of the gods. Surprisingly, recently the Ryukyu University Undersea Survey Team found a few meters of head statues directly under the Lishenyan, as well as obvious stonework with artificial carvings and even hieroglyphics. This new discovery coincides not only with the “MU continent” proposed by the American scholar James Chai Jiwu, but also the fact that the local legend has hinted that “the formation was sunk” thousands of years ago.

Although the newly discovered head statue has undergone a long period of time, its facial features are clearly identifiable due to the high-tech underwater photography. In addition, hieroglyphics were found in the vicinity of the huge human head. According to the analysis of the investigation team, those hieroglyphs are similar to the hieroglyphs that were circulated in the ancient islands of Nagano. As long as the meaning of hieroglyphics is solved, the “disappearing MU continent and MU civilization” may be unearthed!

In fact, in addition to the surrounding area of ​​Nagano Island, there are similar relics of “MU civilization” in the waters of Okinawa and Japan’s main island, and from the huge stone ruins, they may be derived from the same civilization. For example, in the western end of the country, the city of Nishizaki, the huge pyramids built with rocks have recently been discovered. This major discovery has shocked Japanese archaeologists and Japanese historians.

At the top of this huge pyramid, there are buildings like the city gate, the cloister, and the watchtower. In addition, there is a clearly identifiable pattern above the gate, which is also like a hieroglyph. Since the “Xizaki Pyramid” was discovered shortly, the relevant academic research was not announced in detail; but it is generally believed that the discovery of the submarine pyramid may be an important key to unlocking the “disappearing MU continent and MU civilization.”

There are also related reports that ancient stone tools and texts carved on stone tools have been found near the pyramids of the West. The shape of the Pyramid of Nishizaki is very similar to the “Yita Rock Ship” of the Nara Birds, but it is also like the pyramid of the Mexican Mayan civilization on the other side of the Pacific Ocean. If there is evidence that the Pyramid of the West is the same source as the Maya civilization, then the origins of the entire Asia-Pacific civilization must be completely rewritten.

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Undersea race speculation


In 1938, on the beach of Jummanda Beach in Estonia on the eastern shore of the Baltic Sea in Eastern Europe, a group of people who caught the sea found a strange animal that had never been seen: it had a mouth like a duckbill, but the chest was like a chicken breast, and the rounded head was a bit like a dragonfly. When the “deaf” found someone tracking it, he slid into the Baltic Sea, and the speed was so fast that he could barely see its feet, but left a huge slap on the beach. Coincidentally, two professional sharks in the United States recently caught 11 sharks in the Caribbean Sea. One of the tiger sharks was 18.3 meters long. When the fishermen dissected the tiger shark, they found a strange strange in their stomach. The tibia, one third of the upper body of the humerus is like the bones of an adult, but from the pelvis is the bone of a big fish. At that time, the fishermen transferred it to the police. After examination by the coroner, the result proved to be a half-human and half-fish creature.

In 1958, Dr. Rotan of the National Oceanographic Society used underwater cameras to photograph some similar people but not human footprints in the Atlantic Ocean over 4,000 meters deep.

Mystery man

In February 1959, a strange thing happened in the port of Gdynia in Poland. Some people who performed the task here suddenly found someone at the beach. He was exhausted and dragged his heavy steps on the beach. People immediately sent him to the hospital in the University of Gdynia. He wore a uniform-like thing, his face and hair seemed to be smashed by fire. The doctor placed him alone in a ward for examination. People immediately found it difficult to untie the patient’s clothes because he was not sewing with ordinary things, cotton, etc., but made of metal. There is no opening on the clothes, so special tools are needed to make it hard to cut. The result of the physical examination surprised the doctor: the person’s fingers and toes are different. In addition, his blood circulation system and organs are also very unusual. Just as people were going to do further research, he suddenly disappeared mysteriously. He had lived in that hospital before.

Half man and half fish

In 1988, in the swamps of the suburbs of Biwe, South Carolina, people discovered a creature of half-human and half-fish, and some of them grew out. This made us think: Will humans grow up? Genetic scholars believe that humans have evolved from scorpion animals. Based on the understanding of the human genome and the fish genome, it is completely achievable.

lizard Man

“Lizard Man” is about 2 meters tall, with a pair of big red eyes, full of green scales, only 3 fingers in each hand, walking upright, running faster than the car, walking in the swamp Freedom, people want to do everything they can to catch it, but they have not been able to do so. With the advancement of technology, witness reports like “undersea people” are often found around the world.

Little mermaid

The British “Sun” reported that in 1962 there was an incident in which scientists caught the mermaid. Dr. Vinograd of the Lenin Academy of Sciences in the former Soviet Union further studied and entered the data into a computer to draw the mermaid according to the shape of the bone. Dr. Essau, who participated in this work, said that from the evidence they have, the mermaid is not a legendary or fictional creature, but a creature that does exist in the world.

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