The mystery of the prehistoric flood

Bretz’s Great Flood Theory is located in the deep valley of Moses in eastern Washington State. It is a U-shaped valley. The hundreds of meters high basalt rock wall looks like a static waterfall. We know that most of the ancient natural landscapes on the planet, such as the Grand Canyon and the Great Falls, are the products of the natural erosion of water and wind for millions of years. In this cognac valley made of hard basalt, there are car-sized granite blocks scattered around it, and potholes hundreds of meters higher than modern rivers (rounded by gravel-grained riverbeds in the rapids). The dimples, which all suggest that it used to be a river with deep waters. However, there are no rivers in the canyon, and the nearby rivers have not yet formed during the formation of this spectacle, and the glaciers in the late Ice Age have never been here. The nearest granites that form these megaliths are also far away. On the horizon. So why are these megaliths here? Wrapped in a boulder and rushing down, where is the big water that “carves” the Baizhang Waterfall on the basalt? The scenes that are incomprehensible are presented in front of them, what kind of bizarre stories will they tell people?

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In 1925, American geologist Harlan Bretz proposed the theory that the eastern part of Washington State suffered from prehistoric floods. He pointed out that those strange gullies were not formed slowly over a period of thousands of years, but were formed at the end of the glacial age not too far away: many icy lake collapses eventually formed an unimaginable flood, and the flood washed the entire region. The deep canyons are cut between the rocks to form this peculiar geological landscape. Bretz spent a lifetime trying to prove his theory to find evidence, trying to “reproduce” the story that once happened here: the raging water wall of hundreds of meters roared through today’s eastern Washington state, where it “carved” Out of the criss-crossing deep valley, and then rushing along the Columbia River Gorge, the amount of water is large enough to turn the Willamette Canyon in Oregon into a huge stagnant lake. So where does this big water come from? Bretz pointed out that it came from Lake Misura, an ancient glacier dammed lake in western Montana. Bretz’s theory has been ridiculed by people. Until 1940, geologist Joe Patty described the huge ripples on the bed of Lake Misura, providing new evidence for the Great Flood Theory. At the bottom of the Montana Canyon, Patty discovered evidence of the existence of a glacial lake. The lake poured into the bottom of the valley and formed a huge ripple at the bottom of the valley. He pointed out that the ripples of up to 15.24 meters can never be formed by the gentle flow of water at the bottom of the lake, but the product of the rapid and rapid flooding – when the ice dam of the glacier dammed lake suddenly collapsed, it was disastrous. A scene happened: 2,500 cubic kilometers of floods through the narrow cracks, sweeping the power of the Millennium, scouring everything on the way. In 1979, the American Geological Society awarded Bretz the highest honor of the Penrose Medal in recognition of his major geological findings. At that time he was 97 years old.

The “Great Flood” described in the Bible may have happened.

American Robert Ballard is an archaeologist and underwater explorer. He is also a member of the National Geographic Society. He discovered the wreckage of the Titanic passenger liner in 1985. Over the years, Ballard and his research team have been searching for evidence in the Black Sea that the “Great Flood” described in the Bible has actually happened. As early as 1999, Ballard and his colleagues discovered two distinct shellfish on the sea floor more than 160 meters deep from the Black Sea coastline: one is freshwater shellfish and the other is saltwater shellfish. . After testing, the ages of these two types of shellfish were the earliest 6500 years and 7000 years ago. This discovery made Ballard firmly believe that today, 7,000 years ago, the Black Sea was still a land, but the flood that occurred in ancient times turned it into the Aral Sea. In September 2000, when Ballard and others took a scientific expedition to conduct underwater exploration activities in the Black Sea region, a collapsed architectural relic was discovered on the seabed. This ancient human monument has the distinctive features of human architecture in the 7000-year-old Turkish inland area. This evidence has made Ballard even more convinced that the Earth did have a major flood in ancient times, and that the area where the flood occurred was in the Middle East today. In 2012, Ballard said in an interview with the media that he and his research team found evidence of an ancient civilization about 5,000 BC in the depths of the Black Sea off the coast of Turkey. Ballard said that about 1. 20,000 years ago, the earth was covered by ice, and there was a freshwater lake in the Black Sea, surrounded by farmland. Around 5600 BC, glaciers melted due to rising temperatures, and meltwater flowed into the ocean, causing floods around the world, flooding through the Turkish Bosphorus into the Black Sea. Everything that went through the flood was submerged. Ballard believes that the time of the Great Flood coincided with the time of the Noah’s Ark incident described in the Bible, which proves that the Great Flood described in the Bible story may have happened. Ballard gave the above conclusion after studying a controversial theory put forward by two other scientists. In 1997, William Layan and Walter Pitman of Columbia University analyzed the archaeological and anthropological evidence and pointed out that during the ancient flood, the daily meltwater reached about 40 cubic kilometers, and the flood was at least It lasted for 300 days and the area of ​​the submerged land exceeded 150,000 square kilometers. The power of the flood is 200 times that of Niagara Falls, destroying everything along the way, transforming the Black Sea from a secluded freshwater lake surrounded by farmland into a lagoon and leading to large-scale animal migration throughout Europe. Their findings are said to be supported by carbon dating and sonar imaging.

Major floods have occurred in many parts of the world

Help other geologists identify the causes of similar topography in Asia, Europe, Alaska, and the Midwestern United States, and even on Mars. Convincing evidence shows that in ancient times, the collapse of huge glacier ice dams caused repeated floods. For example, at the end of the last glacial period about 10,000 years ago, floods and disasters occurred around the world. The huge ice dam lakes in Eurasia and North America collapsed many times, causing floods; in Siberia, rivers overflowed and rivers diverted; The erosion of the flood formed the English Channel, making the UK an island nation surrounded by the sea. These events, although not described in the Bible’s Noah’s Ark story, have been flooded by the world, but there have been many catastrophic floods in various parts of the world that are historical truths. These historical realities have become the world’s many cultures. Similar to the source of Noah’s Ark story, and passed down from generation to generation. Before the geologists discovered and confirmed the historical floods, the truth behind these legends was confusing and confusing. Now we finally know that these are not all of them. In many parts of the world, there have been incidents of major floods caused by the collapse of large glaciers, and people living nearby may have witnessed these events. Early missionaries in eastern Washington State have heard many stories about the Great Flood in Indian tribes such as the Yakima and Spokane, and the narrator can even point out where the survivors escaped the Flood. (Author: Joe heart month) circulating in the Ojibwa Indian tribe in such a story: Once upon a time the sun’s heat are packed in a bag, the bag was later bitten a hole, so the sun tremendous heat spewing Out, melting the snow around Lake Superior, forming a flood. The water has been flowing over the top of the highest pine tree, and all the people have drowned. Only one canoeing man rescues various animals in the flood… The story of Noah’s Ark described in the Bible may be true. It happened that perhaps the survivors of the Great Flood carried out their own artistic processing and passed down from generation to generation.

Ancient Earth massive flood disaster

Geologists believe that the great floods described in the Bible have actually happened, and there are still very impressive marks on the surface of the earth. Tibet Yarlung Zangbo River Grand Canyon Flood Legend: In the lake terrace surrounded by hills (Chonghujitai), according to local folklore, pilgrims defeated the powerful lake demon in order to commemorate Tibetans’ respected Tibetan Buddhism masters. The drainage of lake water, the fertile farmland at the bottom of the lake, the establishment of a temple on the sediments of ancient lakes, and the image of the lotus priests carved on the cliff above the entrance to the canyon. The temple host believes that the entire Tibet area was once covered by a sea. Scientific evidence: In 2002, geologist and explorer David Montgomery began researching the Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon, the deepest canyon in the world that flooded the rocks. His research team discovered the shoreline in ancient times and the 1200-year-old tree debris in lake sediments, which is the time when Lotus Darius arrived in Tibet. On both sides of the entrance to the canyon, traces of glacier fragments were scattered, confirming that the huge ice tongue (the narrow extension of the glaciers or ice beaches) had fallen from a height of 7,600 meters. The two-story terrace extending to the upstream indicates that the ice dam formed by ice and mud blocked the river and formed a lake filled with valleys. When the lake filled and the dam collapsed, it broke the bound water and screamed. Rushing into the canyon, the rushing floods washed away everything on the road with great power, and eventually formed the topography we see today.

Colorado Grand Canyon Flood Legend: According to the legend of the local Native American tribe Havasu Indians, after the gods dropped an unprecedented heavy rain, the flood from the Colorado River washed away to form the Colorado Grand Canyon. A benevolent god hides his daughter in a hollowed out log, thus escaping the terrible turbulence. After the flood receded, she climbed out from there and became the mother of mankind. Scientific evidence: The exposed rocks on the canyons are well-defined, their color, grain size and composition are different, indicating that they have experienced many floods. Although the Grand Canyon of Colorado was not formed by the Great Flood, there is evidence that many major floods have constantly changed and reshaped it. It is not difficult to imagine how amazing and spectacular the raging momentum of the year was from the boulder that was stranded hundreds of meters above the river. The river rushed to the ice dam to take the road and caused a catastrophic flood. These major floods occurred at least 400,000 years ago, long before humans settled in the continent. Local Native Americans are obviously very curious about how the Grand Canyon is formed. People have explained many strange mysteries in order to explain the strange terrain here. The legend of the Black Sea Flood: The story of the Noah’s Ark of the Bible says that in the era of Noah’s life, all human beings except Noah on Earth were evil. God was very angry and decided to take a huge The flood came to kill all the people except Noah and his family. God told Noah to build a large ship to shelter him and his wife, son, and other family members, and to save at least two animals for each animal in the flood. After the Ark was built, God lowered the rainstorm for 40 days in a row, and the water on the earth was higher than the highest mountain. After the flood receded, the Noah family and animals left the ark to reproduce humans and animals on Earth. Scientific evidence: While refuting the possibility of a global flood, geologists believe that the story of Noah’s flood may be based on the truth of a certain history. In 1993, oceanographer Bill Ryan and Walter Pittman of Columbia University used the sonar to detect the bottom of the Black Sea and found evidence supporting the story of Noah’s flood. They discovered ancient riverbeds submerged under the seabed of the Black Sea and canyons washed by river water. A cross-sectional view of the high-resolution seismic reflectometer shows the shape of the former land buried in the seabed sediments, and the roots of the shrubs covered with sea mud are also found in the cores drilled from the seabed. Ryan and Pitman believe that since 7000 years ago, the Mediterranean has gradually risen, eroded and passed through the rocks along the Strait of Istanbul, and the Mediterranean sea spread to the Black Sea, causing a catastrophic flood. Was the peasants who lived here early forced to flee here after their world gradually disappeared into the water? Archaeologists have discovered that when the Black Sea flood occurred, it was the time when farming culture began to shift to Europe and the Mesopotamia floodplain. No matter where these immigrants came from, when the first farmers arrived in southern Mesopotamia, it was the time when the black waters rose. Is it true that these peasants brought the story of a flood that destroyed their original life world?

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