Top 10 in the world forbid humans from entering each other

The world’s ten largest forbidden is a mysterious place located in the United States, Russia, Britain, the Vatican, Japan, North Korea and other places.
Manwes Mount Royal Air Force ranks first in the world’s top ten forbidden areas (areas).

1 Mount Royal Weiss Air Force Base

The Royal British Air Force Base at Mount Manwes is a British military base linked to the US Echelon Global Spy Network. It is a communications interception and missile early warning station. It contains a huge satellite ground station and is the world’s largest electronic information monitoring station. Some of the satellites controlled by the US Reconnaissance Service, which is part of the National Security Agency, use this as a ground receiving station. The antennas are hidden under some distinctive white radomes, which are said to be part of the Echelon system.
The facility system was established to monitor the military and diplomatic communications of the Soviet Union and its Eastern Allies during the Cold War in the 1960s. Since the Cold War, it has been used to search for clues about terrorist activities, plans for drug traffickers, and political and diplomatic intelligence. It has also been reported as a suspected commercial spy and has penetrated all telephone and radio communications in the country in which it is an extreme violation of privacy.

2 Disaster Emergency Operation Center

Not only is this place closed to the public, but the public never wants to step in! In many of the “Doomsday” films, a highly confidential place is mentioned, where US government dignitaries and elites avoid the coming doomsday. That place is the emergency operation center for this disaster! The center was built in the 1950s because of the Cold War, but it still works today.
Because it is the place of “last hope,” it’s natural to keep it highly confidential. It is under the jurisdiction of the Federal Emergency Management Center (FEMA). This control center is always in operation. When a small disaster occurs in the United States, most of the communication transfer is done here.

3 Ise Jingu

Ise Jingu is the most sacred shrine in Japan. This shrine is dedicated to the great god of sunshine (sun god), and the shrine has existed in the world since 4 AD.
The main shrine is dedicated to the most important thing in Japan: Hachiko. According to the “Book of Japan”, when the great god of heaven shines, when the sun descends on the sky, he once said, “Look at this treasure mirror, and look at me. You can share the temple with the bed, and think of the mirror.”
The shrine’s main palace is rebuilt every 20 years according to the original model, which is called the shrine-style year-moving palace (also called the style year-moving palace, Zhengqian palace). According to the various miscellaneous records of the Taishin-gu Shrine, the system of relocating the palace to the Emperor Tianwu is scheduled for fourteen years, and the first emigration to the emperor’s palace in four years. The extended calendar ceremony account also records: “Often limited to once every leap year, moved to the New Palace. Set up a palace ambassador, one of the supplementary officer, the second officer, and the judge, two people from the main code, one from the woodworker, and one from the laborer.” It is speculated that the reason for moving the palace is to keep the shrine clean and solemn, and it is related to the number of years of durability of the Ise Jingu building. In addition, it also includes the meaning of building technology and traditional craftsmanship inherited from the only god. The rebuilt decommissioning building materials will be distributed to other shrines and facilities in the shrine, or will be given to shrines throughout Japan for reuse.
The relocation of the palace began in 690 and has continued for more than 1,300 years. The sixty-first relocation of the palace was on October 2, 1993. The most recent (62nd) relocation was held on October 2, 2013.

4 Room 39

Room 39 (also known as 39 innings) is one of North Korea’s most classified organizations. Its function is to provide North Korea ’s defense committee chairman Kim Jong-un with real-time updates abroad. House No. 39 was built in the late 1970s and is the so-called “political economy” of North Korea, centered on the dynasty of the Kim family.
Although the public knows little about Room 39 due to the tightness of the organization, it is widely speculated that it has 10 to 20 bank accounts in China and Switzerland for counterfeiting, money laundering and other illegal activities. It was also asserted that Room 39 involved drug smuggling and illegal arms trade. However, there are 120 legal foreign trade companies under the authority of Kim Jong Un, and North Korea refuses any immigration activities. Room 39 is rumored to be inside a Labor Party building in Pyongyang, the North Korean capital.

5 US Area 51


The reason why the ranking of Area 51 is so high is that many readers are eager to see it. Area 51 is another name for a military base in southern Nevada in the western United States. It is located 83 miles northwest of downtown Las Vegas. The center of this military base (that is, the south shore of Lake Muff) has the largest secret military airport in the United States. The main purpose of this military base is to conduct research and development testing of aircraft and weapon systems. The US government’s confidentiality of this military base has put it on a mysterious veil, and it has also made it the core of conspiracy theories and UFOs in the public mouth. If you enter Area 51, you will be fatally attacked.

6 White gentleman club

The White Gentlemen’s Club is the most unique gentleman’s club in the UK. The club was founded in 1693 by Francisco Bianco (aka Francis White). The club started to sell popular chocolate hot drinks at the time, but eventually became a typical and very personal gentleman’s club.
The White Club is known for its members with a variety of bizarre gambling. The most famous of these is betting £ 3,000 on the two raindrops on the window glass, which one sheds first. So why did we list White Club on the list? First of all, ladies cannot enter, which excludes half of the gamblers. Furthermore, men who want to join the club must be invited by an existing member, and the move must be approved by two other members. Unless you are a member of the royal family, a senior official or a famous actor in power, it is almost impossible to get a unique invitation to the White Club.

NO.7 Moscow Metro Line 2

Russia’s Moscow Metro Line 2 is a legendary subway system parallel to the Moscow Public Metro. The subway system may have been under construction during the Stalin period and was named D-6 by the Soviet National Security Council. Regarding the reports of Russian journalists, the Russian Federal Security Agency and the Moscow Metropolitan Bureau are ambiguous and can not accept it.
According to rumors, the length of the Moscow Metro Line 2 even exceeds that of the Moscow Public Metro. It has 4 main roads, all lying 50 to 200m underground. Moscow Metro 2 connects the Kremlin, the headquarters of the Russian Federal Security Service, the government airport of Vnukovo-2, an underground city in Romanch, and other important places. Needless to say, it is impossible to know whether or not it exists. Of course, it is more difficult to visit it.

8 Club 33

Contrary to popular belief, Disney has a drink supply license. However, the park will not provide drinks for private parties until the end of the public sightseeing period. However, at the axis of Disney’s New Orleans Plaza, there is a private club, Club 33, which offers drinks all year round.
The entrance to the mysterious veil club in the theme park is next to the Blue River restaurant located on “33 Royal Street”. On the door of the club is an eye-catching 33 ornate address plate. You can join and become a member of the club by paying a membership fee of about $ 10,000 to $ 30,000, and members have private parking spaces. But if you want to join, the queue is estimated to be 16 years later.

9 Vatican classified archives

It was also mentioned in previous rankings-this archive room has no other secret than its name is “confidential.” You can read and think
Look at the files, but not into the archives. You must submit an application to view the documents, and the archives will provide you with the documents. Unlike the film “Angels and Demons”, which was co-produced by Ron Howard and Dan Brown, the documents here are all viewable, but there are no banned scientific theories and copies of great works.
The only thing you can’t get a glimpse of here is the 75-year document (designed to protect diplomatic and government information). The archives provides a directory index for those who want to read it. The bookshelves of the Vatican Confidential Archive are estimated to be 52 miles long (84 kilometers), and the reference catalogue alone has 35,000 volumes.

10 Mezhgorye town, Russia

A closed village in the town of Merigorje. According to rumors, the town is staffed with highly confidential staff around Mount Yamantaw. The town was not discovered until 1979.
Mount Amantava is 1,640 meters (approximately 5,381 feet), the highest peak in the southern Ural Mountains, and connects to the Kauswinsky Range (about 600 kilometers north or 373 miles). It was once suspected by the United States as the site of a massive nuclear facility or a coal bunker. Following the disintegration of the Soviet Union in the 1990s, US satellite imagery observed large excavations here, at a time when Boris Yeltsin was pro-Western. Two military forts were built on top of the facility-Beloretsk-15 and Beloretsk-16.
No matter how the United States repeatedly questioned Yamantava, the Russian government will only give some answers to make it silent. They said it was nothing more than a mine, a storehouse of the Russian Ministry of Finance, a food storage area or a refuge during the nuclear war of the leader.

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